Mass Productions 321 audio cassette digitization of Leccos Lemma

Mass Productions recently completed a three year project of restoring and digitizing 321 audio cassette tapes of the Leccos Lemma Boston Hip Hop radio program from the 1980’s.

The Leccos Lemma Radio program was the very first Rap and Hip Hop show on the air.    Several Boston Residents because popular recording artists thanks to this popular Radio Show.

Many of the audio cassette tapes were local Boston rap artists submitting recordings to the program.     The audio cassette tapes were often low quality and in delicate condition.

Mass Productions was able to repair and digitize all of the recordings using the finest audio cassette decks ever made.     Besides digitizing the audio cassettes, Mass Productions photographed the tapes, inserts, and cases.

The archive is held by Umass Boston and will be available online soon!


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