Audio, Video, and Film Transfer Prices (please inquire for archival and film pricing )

Audio Transfer to CD, Hard Drive or USB Drive:

Cassette, Micro-Cassette,  33 or
45 RPM Record*, Audograph, Magnabelt
Reel, DAT, ADAT, DA-88
Mini Disc, PCM, Wire
Hi-Res Audio
For archives
Tape Baking
$35 (up to 80 minutes)**
$35 (up to 80 minutes )
$40 per tape
$30 per hour $25 per tape
$40 (over 80 minutes)** $40 (over 80 minutes) $60 Dolby Tape Tape Repair For sticky reel to reels
 78 RPM Acetate*, Clean and Transfer, $40.00 $50.00 per 10″ NAB Reel
96Khz, 24 bit Remove Noise Ampex 406, 407, 456, 457
  Additional restoration work is $30.00 per hour Restoration is $30.00 per hour  192 Khz, 24 bit Speed Fix  Scotch 206, 207, 250

*We do not transfer records that are heavily scratched, skipping, or coming apart.     We suggest finding another copy in better condition before you contact us.

**Tapes recorded on battery powered equipment may be off speed.      Speed correction requires additional audio restoration, and is NOT included in transfer fee.

Video Transfer to Hard Drive or USB Drive (SD to HD upscale option is available):

NTSC Formats
NTSC Formats
Professional –
Requiring Restoration
PAL to
NTSC Conversion
Call for Price $40.00*
S-VHS,VHS,VHS-C Betacam SP 1” Type A VHS
8mm, Hi8 Betacam SX 1″ Type C VHS-C
Digital 8mm Digital Betacam 2″ Quadruplex MINI-DV
Betamax Betacam MPEG IMX 1/2″ EIAJ ( Color or B&W) DV-CAM
Mini-DV Umatic ¾” 1/2″ CV  8MM, Hi8
DVC-Pro Akai 1/4″ Video  Umatic 3/4′
DV-CAM ( NTSC or PAL ) Technicolor CVC Betacam
D-VHS Cartravision Digital Betacam

* We no longer offer video transfer to DVD.  Optical media is obsolete.  Digital files result in higher quality transfers which can be edited and shared online.