Boston Audio Transfer Services to Digital Audio Files

audio conversion

We have all your audio transfer, digitization, and audio archiving needs. Our professional audio engineers have over 26 years of experience. We can handle all formats and use broadcast quality equipment.   We can repair and transfer the audio from damaged tapes and records; bake sticky tapes; remove hiss, clicks, pops, and hum; and correct speed.

We handle your original recordings with great care:

We carefully inspect and prepare the recording for transfer, and utilize the latest high-resolution A/D converters.   We utilize professional restoration software to remove unwanted noise from the recording.

For archival transfers,  we give you 96khz 24-bit wave files of the flat transfers and save the restored versions as separate production files.      We also include free mp3 copies for local or web access.

Please visit our samples page for examples of our work. Also, check out our testimonials page for stories and comments from current Mass Productions clientele.

Additional Audio Transfer & Restoration Services Provided:

  • Repair and digitize audio from damaged recordings
  • Tape baking for sticky tapes
  • Splice repair, or cassette re-housing
  • Removal of hiss, clicks, pops, and hum
  • Speed correction
  • Dolby A, B, C, DBX I, DBX II noise reduction processing
  • Sample Rates up to 192Khz, 24 bit
  • Transfer to Hard Drive or USB Drive
  • Upload to Dropbox or FTP