Mass Productions completes Saturday Evening Girls Archive for Umass Boston

We restored and digitized the “Saturday Evening Girls” archive for Umass Boston.   Which featured interviews recorded in the 1970’s of the talented ladies in Boston’s north end who made “Paul Revere Pottery”.     The archive consisted of 1/2″ black and white EIAJ video reels, Umatic and VHS videotapes.    Due to their age, all the videotapes were sticky and required baking before transfer.     We also digitized DAT tapes, audio reels, cassettes, and Micro Cassettes.    Umass was very pleased with our archive digitization services.  “My thanks and appreciation for the fantastic job you did for us in digitizing the SEG materials!  Right before the holiday break, our entire staff went through the set, checking the spreadsheet, listening to and watching the footage.  We had a great time, and I was delighted with the overall quality of the digital audio and video.  I was also impressed throughout the process with your professionalism and careful attention to detail in getting the best from tapes.   I look forward to working with you in the future.”Joanne Riley, University Archivist and Curator, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Umass ArchiveEIAJ Videotape

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