Mass Productions completes Oriana Fallaci achive and discovers lost interview of Alfred Hitchcock!

Mass Productions has completed the Oriana Fallaci audio archive for Boston University.

Over 118 audio reels of varying sizes and speeds, as well as 44 very old and fragile cassette tapes.

The tapes contained one of a kind interviews of world leaders, actors, artists, and other famous people.

Just to name a few;  Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, John Glenn, Dean Martin, The Dali Lama, The Maharishi, Neal Armstrong, Peter O’Toole, Frank Capra, etc.

We discovered an unknown interview of Alfred Hitchcock on the reverse side of a reel containing an interview of artist Diego Rivera!

Nobody knew the interview existed, until a small scrap of paper with “Hitchcock” written on it fell out of the tape box when we opened it.

This lost interview is a fascinating half hour discussion.  Alfred explains how he finances his own movies, so that he has complete artistic control.

We thoroughly enjoyed restoring and preserving these very rare historic recordings, and hope they become available to the public in the future.



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