Mass Productions completes digitizing videotapes for Brookwood School

Mass Productions recently completed digitizing over 800 videotapes for the Brookwood School in Manchester, MA.   We archived videos to hard drive of school events recorded on VHS, Digital 8mm,  Mini DV, and HDV videotapes. Our client was very happy with the results of our efforts!

“Brookwood School selected Mass Productions to help us with a major video archive project because we were impressed by their level of expertise to handle our project in a timely fashion. We needed to convert about 15 years worth of video tape to digital files. This included at least 5 different kinds of tape used over the years, and some of it required a lot of TLC! Mass Productions did a fantastic job!”-Douglas Fodeman-Director of Technology.

2015-07-03 12.20.232015-07-02 13.16.17 HDR


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