President of Yiddish Book Center Highly Recommends Mass Productions!

Two years ago the Yiddish Book Center discovered a treasure trove of several thousand hours of vintage Yiddish audio recordings in the basement of a Jewish library in Montreal.  Dating back more than 60 years, the collection included cassette recordings of Yiddish novels and stories read aloud by Yiddish actors, and reel-to-reel recordings of lectures by and interviews with virtually every major Yiddish writer of the second half of the twentieth century.  Library colleagues told us there was only one person who could properly restore, remaster and digitize these unique materials, and that was Paul Adams.  For the past two years Paul has done just that – conscientiously, skillfully and meticulously.  Thanks to his painstaking work, these long-lost, one-of-a-kind recordings are now restored, enhanced, and freely available online, where they are being enjoyed by listeners around the world.  Paul has literally helped preserve the native voices of a nearly vanished world, and we all own him an enormous debt of gratitude.”  Aaron Lansky, President, National Yiddish Book Center.

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