Frequently Asked Questions from our Boston Customers

I have a one of a kind VHS tape, cassette, or record that I want to convert to CD and DVD. I can't take any chances they might be lost or damaged, can I trust you?

Yes you certainly can. We have never lost or damaged a source. We handle your original videotapes, audio tapes, and records very carefully as if they were our own. Remember that we are in the Boston area, so you can drop off and pickup. Don’t trust those services you mail your sources to, they could get lost! Also be aware that many similar services in Boston outsource the transfer work to another company in another state. We do everything ourselves, right here in Boston.

How about professional video formats like Betacam, Umatic ¾, and DV-CAM, can you transfer those to DVD?

Yes we can! We digitize those formats for Boston customers all the time. Our decks work great, and we can produce a DVD or digital files for you to work with for further production before you make a final DVD.

How much do you charge?

Please visit our pricing page, which you can access from the above green menu. However, if you have a large quantity of video tapes, audio tapes, records, please call us and we can work out a discount deal for you — 617-501-1738.

Will my VHS, 8mm, VHS-C, and Mini-DV tapes look better on DVD?

The DVDs we create will be the best transfer of your VHS tapes to DVD in Boston. However, they will only look as good as the source tape.

I only want parts of my tapes transferred, but my VCR is broken, so I can't watch my tapes to figure out what footage I want to put onto the DVDs.

The best solution for this is to have us transfer everything, the give you basic DVDS with a time code stamp on the video. Go through the footage and give us an edit sheet. We’ll assemble the footage together into a finished DVD for you. Please note there is an additional hourly charge for video editing.

What's included in your video transfer fees?

We transfer your videos using professional analogue to digital video conversion equipment into our Mac workstations. We capture your videos into Final Cut Pro, do a little trimming to clean things up, and create finished DVDs using DVD studio Pro. This gives you a nice looking DVD with a menu. We will package your DVD in a sturdy DVD case.

Can you make several copies of the finished DVD so I can give them to friends and family?

Of course! Making copies is easy. Just let us know how many and we’ll quote you on the copy charges.

I have a Laserdisc that is not available on DVD. Can you transfer that for me?

We can do this! We have a laserdisc player that works great! It’s a good idea to transfer your laserdiscs to DVD as soon as possible, as laserdiscs have a bad habit of “rotting” causing white specks in the video playback.

I want to edit my transferred videos myself; can you somehow give me digital files to work with?

Yes, we can save your converted video to QuickTime files on an external hard drive, and you can edit away! If you need us to create your master DVD from your edited video, we can do that for you too.

I want to convert some videotapes to video clips to put on my website, can you do this for me?

Yes of course! We can digitize video and convert into just about any video file format. The most popular ones are Mp4, windows media, and QuickTime.

I have a videotape in the European PAL Format. Can you convert this to a DVD for me to watch here in Boston?

Yes, we can convert your PAL tape to NTSC and make a NTSC DVD of it for you. If you need a PAL DVD to share with friends and family overseas, we can make a PAL DVD for you as well.

I have some really old 78 RPM transcription and Acetate records I want to transferred to CD. Do you do this, what process do you use to get the best sound from them? They are really noisy!

Yes we can do this for you, we have many years of experience in Boston transferring and restoring audio. We have a professional turntable outfitted with a 78 RPM stylus that can play up to 16″ size 78 RPMs with the groove starting from the inside or outside. We digitize your records into our workstation. From this point forward, all the clean up is done on the computer and your records are not harmed. We use a combination of editing, equalization, and some pretty impressive audio restoration tools to clear away layers of surface noise to give you the best possible transfer of your records in Boston.

I have some 45 RPM, and 33⅓ RPM records I want transferred to CD. Can you clean up the sound?

Yes we can! We have years of experience in Boston with audio restoration. First we digitize the records into our workstation, then we use a combination of editing, equalization, and sound restoration tools to remove loud pops, ticks, and crackle from the music. The resulting CDs will sound better than your source records.

I have some cassette tapes and open reel tapes that I need transferred to CD. The tapes are old and hissy, can you clean up the sound?

Yes! We have many years of experience in Boston working with old tapes. We handle them carefully, and can adjust the speed if necessary. First we digitize the tapes into our workstation. Then we use a combination of editing, equalization, and sound restoration tools to clear away as much tape hiss as possible without affecting the sound.

I have some cassette tapes and reel to reel tapes I want transferred to CD, but the tapes became sticky in storage and won't play. Can you somehow restore them and transfer them?

Mass Productions is the ONLY audiotape transfer facility in Boston with experience in the restoration of cassettes and reel to reel tapes suffering from sticky tape syndrome. This happens with tapes manufactured in the late 70’s and early 80’s. We actually slowly BAKE your audio tape at a controlled low temperature for several hours to dry it out and reactivate the tape binder. No damage occurs to your tapes, it makes them play as new, and we get great sound off of them.  Typical brands of tape that require baking are Ampex 406, 407, 456, 457 and Scotch 206, 207, and 250.

I am a Boston musician and I have some old recordings on DAT tape I want to transfer into my computer to edit and master some CDs, can you do that?

Absolutely! We have a fully functional DAT deck (amazing huh?) which was completely refurbished by SONY a few years ago. So we can transfer DAT tapes in the 2 hour or 4 hour mode, at 32 Khz, 44.1Khz, or 48Khz. We do a direct digital transfer using a fiber optic Toslink connection to our Mac workstation. Once it’s in the computer, we can upsample or downsample for you, so that it’s in digital files ready for you to work with. We can also burn standard audio cds for you to listen to.