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Boston's Other Voice Online!
Throughout 2010, The History Project will work on launching an updated, more interactive web site.

In this newly enhanced space, researchers and community members will be able to explore our collections, stream audio, and watch video--and one of our first initiatives once our redesign is complete will be to make these historic recordings freely accessible.

Help make this redesign possible. Consider making a donation to support our 30|2010 initiative--celebrating 30 years of The History Project.

The History Project and Mass Productions Collaborate to Preserve Historic Recordings

In 2008, Wakefield resident Peter Stickel donated recordings to The History Project of Boston's Other Voice, a lesbian and gay radio program on WROR FM that aired from 1981 to 1989. Stickel was the show's host from 1986 to 1989 Stickel.

Boston's Other Voice was established by WROR Public Affairs Director Don Latulippe and psychotherapist Dennis Iadarolla in 1981. "Dennis hosted over four years of weekly shows," said Stickel, "and I hosted another four years, so all together there were over 400 programs created of which 75 or so were rescued from the station when RKO General sold the company in 1989."

These reel-to-reel recordings were held in storage for years by Stickel, and many of the tapes had begun to deteriorate. To ensure that these recordings weren't lost to future generations, The History Project and Mass Productions--a Boston-based company specializing in transferring sound and video recordings to CD, DVD, or hard drives for archival and digital production--began a collaboration to preserve these them for posterity.

Owned and operated by Paul Adams, Mass Productions has, for more that 12 years, been transferring and restoring unique recordings from outdated formats--helping to ensure that these recordings are available to future generations.

Mass Productions began in 1997 on Cape Cod when Adams discovered a need among his own family and friends to convert aging recordings to new formats to improve and preserve them for the future. The demand for his unique skills developed into a small business when Adams moved to Boston in 1999. In 2007, Adams launched an official website and was soon providing his services to customers throughout the Boston area.

Recently, Mass Productions has acquired contracts with the Smithsonian Institute and with the Putney School of Vermont.

Once all of the Boston's Other Voice tapes were digitized, editing was done to restore audio components to form complete shows. In addition, audio levels were improved and noise reduction was applied to clean up the sound. Now the legacy of Boston's Other Voice is preserved and can be enjoyed by all once again.

The Boston's Other Voice recordings now available to researchers and community members include a number of interviews with community members, politicians, and activists on issues of significance to the GLBT communities of Boston. Interviewees include Lois Johnson, Grace Sterling Stowell, Katherine Triantafillou, Angela Bowen, Cindy Patton, Mel King, Rudy Kikel, and so many more.

To learn more about Mass Productions, visit them online.

For more information about this project, email andrew.elder@historyproject.org.


30 Years. Thousands of Stories.

To commemorate The History Project's 30|2010 celebration, we've launched an initiative to raise $30,000 for a number of our current efforts by June of 2010.

Make a contribution today, and help ensure that the stories,
the histories, and the voices of our community are not lost.

You Make History. We Preserve It.

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